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CD / DVD / Blu Ray / Dual Layer Disc Printing
Mono Colour Thermal Print

This is ideal for high volume applications where low cost printing is required. Discs can be printed in 5 seconds and cost far less per disc. For customers who prefer using preprinted, silk-screened discs, the features of this machine can print variable information that is registered on specific locations of each disc. This is a cost effective durable print option, great for Educational, corporate and music discs


The "Ferrari" of Disc Printing

The thermal retransfer printing process is a two-step process. First, a reverse image is printed on the back-side of the retransfer sheet. Then, the completed image is permanently adhered to the surface of specially coated optical media. The whole process takes about one minute, and customers enjoy printed media with a variety of unique benefits

600 dpi Print Resolution: The highest print resolution in the industry delivers photo quality images, with sharpness and detail that are not available in other print technologies. Permanent Images: The retransfer print technology results in printed images that are scratch proof, water proof, fade resistant, UV protected, and will look good and last the life of the disc. Edge-to-Edge Printing: Using specially professional coated media, is able to print from the outer edge to the inner hub, taking full advantage of the media surface.

UV Gloss Disc Print

High resolution digital technology that achieves a resolution of 2400dpi to 4800dpi to give fair results. When combined with our Gloss UV coating applied as a second separate process, your discs are sealed, enhanced and protected with a gloss mirror finish that is truly waterproof and scratch resistant. Far more efficient than any watershield disc on offer!

Digital Print

High resolution digital technology that achieves a resolution of 2400dpi to 4800dpi to give fair results

Screen Print

Screen Printing is the process of applying UV inks in a variety of patterns and colors to the lacquer surface of a CD/DVD.

CD screen printing and DVD screen printing are typically utilized on larger jobs that involve 500 or more discs . Spot color (Pantone Matching System) and Process color (CMYK) printing inks are utilized

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